Acting Coaching

Acting Coaching is a space to explore what it means to use one's voice to successfully share a story with others.

What’s acting coaching like?

Private acting coaching is an opportunity for students to learn and grow toward successful understanding and application of story telling. Whether it's your first time speaking in front of a group or long-term student of theatre, we work to create a smart, comfortable and safe environment that encourages curiosity and creatively fulfilling work.

Our approach to technique is based in a thorough understanding of various traditions in theatrical training. We utilize this understanding to tailor each session to you and your needs.  From classical to contemporary, we work with you on the material that resonates with your artistry, and help find how to best bring life and “self” to each script and circumstance.

Generally 45 minutes, acting coaching follows a standard yet flexible format:

Sessions begin with a conversation about your needs and goals. Once these have been clearly established, we dig in with physical, breathing and voice exercises to get the mind and body “warmed up.” These exercises are a key to building solid and dependable technique. Over time, students build a repertoire of exercises that serve as a home base for encouraging a pathway to focused and dynamic acting.

After warm-ups, the remainder of the session is dedicated to developing and connecting with your theatrical material. This is an opportunity to connect our understanding of technique with the circumstance of the script, and most of all utilizing the “self” in these imaginary circumstances. Repertoire can be new or previously studied pieces drawn from a range of genres. We encourage an exploration a diverse repertoire, as flexibility is key for all artists.

In addition, we work with best performance practices. From auditioning for a professional company to perfecting lines for an upcoming show, high-quality acting requires more than just saying the right words. We will help you take your performance to the next level by polishing all aspects of presentation.

Who takes acting coaching at Davin Youngs Voice?

Anyone! We work with a diverse array of performers, from theatre professionals who are looking to run lines to singers who are hoping to to get an audition ready monologue under their belt. Many of our students actively pursue work in musical theatre, while others focus on straight plays, tv and film.  We’ve worked with comedians as well as artists participating in experimental works.  Our coaching sessions have something special and unique to offer all. Coaching sessions are collaborative and build on imagination and technique.  We want you to walk away from each session feeling confident, authentic, and capable.

I need help presenting in front of groups, would this training help?

Without question. In fact, we find ourselves more and more working with individuals who aren't quite sure how to present in front of others with confidence. Much of theatre is applicable to these scenarios and we're happy to work with you in a way that feels most productive.

How often do I take coachings?

It’s up to you! Students choose a frequency that works with their availability and desire to progress. Students who attend acting coaching regularly and practice will experience unique advancement and progression, while others will find that simply having a quick brush up will be is sufficient. Whether one session or weekly sessions, our students experience growth.

Can you help my choose a monologue?

Yep! Once we discuss your acting goals (monologue work, audition prep, etc.), we can determine together what will benefit you most.  If you are preparing for an audition, perhaps the material has already been given to you.  Maybe you have a new monologue that you’ve been dying to try or one that you want to delve into or brush-up on.  Perhaps you feel a bit stuck or unable to find a new piece that really speaks to you.  We can help you discover and develop material that is appropriate for you. Whether you have the material in-hand, or are looking for suggested options, we can work together to find the right pieces to make your own.

What if I’m not sure this is right for me?

Give it a try! You are welcome to schedule an acting session and see if we are a good fit for you. Acting with a new teacher can be exciting and scary, but we’re quite certain you’ll enjoy yourself. If not, there is no pressure to continue.

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