Alison Wedding | Voice Associate

45 Minute Sessions : $70 - $90

In person or via Skype


From opening for Snarky Puppy to recording with Andy Summers to winning the Gibson-May award at the London International Vocal Jazz Competition, Alison Wedding has had a career of great diversity and accomplishment. She is especially passionate about improvisation and has studied extensively with master improviser, Rhiannon. It is through this work that Alison took on her current faculty position at Berklee College of Music in Boston. With Davin, she coleads an improvised singing gathering called Circle Singing and is a facilitator at VOXUS, the world's only team building experience using improvised singing.

Alison manages to bring to her teaching a calm and open energy that is admired by her clients. One told us: "She's a phenomenal singer, she's genuine, patient, supportive, kind and every other amazing quality. " It's one thing to be skilled as a musician, but it's another to be able to share effectively with others. This is where Alison truly excels.

Why do you sing?

Honestly, It is all I have ever truly wanted to do. I feel that when I sing, I am able to really express myself more fully than when I speak. Singing for others allows me to take them on an emotional journey and there is truly nothing quite like it.

How does this influence your work with clients?

My experience and passion enable me to help singers knock down barriers and find their unique sound, The result is more fearlessness and a true emotional connection to their voice and their audience.

What do you feel your strengths are as a singing teacher?

I am intuitive and it allows me to meet my client exactly where they are and respond to their needs on any given day. I am committed to helping change any negative mantras/beliefs that clients may have acquired along the way that could be keeping them from their full potential and freedom. I also strive to help the student release tension that gets in the way of their vocal expression.

How would you like to continue to grow as a teacher?

I am fascinated with the voice and how it works, and how to sing as tension free as possible. I will always continue to work with teachers on my own instrument, and study vocal technique and ways to communicate these methods clearly and effectively to any person learning to sing.

Who or what are you currently excited about in music?

I get excited listening to singer/songwriters who are pushing the envelope creatively and are blending/redefining genres. A couple of artists I am loving at the moment: Becca Stevens, Jacob Collier, Sampha, and Moses Sumney.

What are you up to when you're not singing?

Oh, probably eating. :)


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