Acting Coaching with Kathryn

45 Minute Sessions : $60

Currently on maternity leave.


Boasting over 20 years of experience acting, directing and coaching through Los Angeles, Seattle and the midwest,  Kathryn (Katie) is an incredible resource for all things theatre. With a Bachelors from Purdue and and MFA from UMKC, Katie moved to Chicago to put her mark on the theatre scene. She quickly did just that, acting, producing and company managing at Oracle Theatre and other various companies throughout the city. She and her husband, David founded and serve as co-artistic directors of  Linchpin Theatre in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. Most recently Katie and David achieved their greatest theatrical work, by becoming parents to Naomi.

A session with Katie is an opportunity to learn everything from foundational technique to in-depth analysis, from someone like a trusted friend. She'll keep it real while coaching a monologue, running lines, or just helping you learn how to talk in front of others. One client mentioned: "She (Katie) has been a constant resource for monologues that fit my needs and has proved to be an extraordinary asset in guiding me towards my goals. If you’re looking for a present, supportive and gifted coach, look no further."

Why do you act?

I have a lively imagination, a fierce love of people, and I'm curious about why they do what they do. Acting allows me to inhabit other realities. Mostly, it's fun!

What are your strengths as a teacher and coach?

I have experience and formal education in myriad theatrical techniques. I love to tailor each client's session to meet their needs and talents. I am best at working with each individual to find a clear way-of-doing, giving way to creativity and confidence!

How do you continue to grow?  

As an artist, I stay involved as a professional by acting, directing and producing throughout Chicago. I also continue to be inspired by art in all forms. As an instructor, I learn so much in the studio with diversity of clients. Their unique backgrounds and levels of experience keep me happy and on my toes.

What are you excited about in theater right now?

Essentialized visceral productions! Audiences and artists today are celebrating beautifully raw, stripped-down story-telling. While gilded spectacle can be fun, inventive simplicity keeps popping up and is very inspiring!

What are you up to when you're not acting, directing or coaching?

Spending time with my husband, daughter and dog! I love to get away to little corners of the suburbs or nooks within the city to discover new surroundings. I will always try and grab a ticket to the newest show at the MCA stage, music at Lincoln Hall or a local theater production.