Missy Wise | Voice Associate

45 Minute Sessions : $70 - $90 sliding forward scale

Please note, Missy is teaching on a limited schedule due to performance obligations.


A fixture of Chicago's Musical Theatre scene, there is no one out there who sounds quite like Missy Wise. Maybe that's why she recently won the National Association of Teachers of Singing National Musical Theatre Competition? Missy brings to her performing and teaching a diversity of experiences in praise and worship music, writing and recording albums, and operatic training. She graduated from Centenary College of Louisiana and helped found the prominent Stage Center Theatre Company in Shreveport, LA. Since moving to Chicago, Missy has worked closely with Davin as a singer and teacher and is a Somatic Voicework™, The LoVetri Method level I teacher.

A session with Missy is an opportunity to hang with a professional musician not afraid to share what she has learned. Even further, she is real and will open up about her struggles and how she continues to grow. One of Missy's clients shared: "Missy is great at meeting you where you are, figuring out how best to work with your voice, and provides great feedback."

Why do you sing?

It's my thing! I love it; always have and always will. Singing helps me relieve stress and it's the best way in which I can express myself. Most importantly, it's how I have fun.

How does this influence you in the voice studio?

Because singing carries so much meaning for me, I'm aware of how important it is for clients. I feel honored to listen to each and every one and help guide them to more freedom!

What do you consider your strengths as a teacher?

I love to help singers tell stories. Every song  needs a singer to tell the story. My strength is helping get to the truest story the singer wants to tell and helping them find the freedom to make it happen.

How would you like to continue to grow with regards to the voice?

I want to continue to learn about function and the voice... you know, the sciency stuff. My clients are best served when I fully understand the sounds they make and they behaviors around that. 

Who or what excites you in music right now?

I've become more and more excited about convergence of styles. New genres emerge. Also, I'm pretty pumped about folk / bluegrass musicals (Bright Star anyone?) starting to be produced more, maybe because I can get cast in that goodness?? eh?

What are you up to when you're not singing?

I'm probably stalking my baby nephew, talking too much and searching for a comfy chair to eat Mexican food in. :)


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