Client Spotlight: Kelly Tietjen


DYV: Tell us a little bit about yourself .. where you're from? What fills your days?

Kelly: I'm an actress from Long Island, New York! I live in Ravenswood. I spend my days auditioning, writing, and hanging out with my cool cat Puck. 

DYV: How did you come to take private sessions with Katie?

Kelly: I found Katie after an exhaustive search to find a coach that fit my needs. I reached out to several people but Katie was the only person who responded back to me interested in hearing about my goals and what I'm looking to work on. She really cared to make a connection with me and that immediately sparked my interest in working with her. 

DYV: What has the experience been like so far?

Kelly: The experience has been incredible. Katie has a way of coaching you that is inspiring and uplifting. In the acting world it can be easy to come across teachers who think tearing actors down is the way to get something out of them. Katie is honest and firm but in a way that makes you realize your full potential. 

DYV: Has there been anything that has surprised you along the way?

Kelly: Every time I bring in a new piece to work on I'm always amazed by the layers Katie sprinkles on. Just when I think I've got it all figured out, Katie coaches my work to new heights. Now, I never audition with a new piece before having Katie see it first.

DYV: Do you have any specific goals for yourself?

Kelly: I write down goals every day! I'm looking to involve myself in more equity auditions and I'd like to expand my monologue binder. (Ask Katie, I'm a huge fan of binders)