Listen to Davin on the Musicality U Podcast

I had the great privilege of recently chatting with Christopher Sutton of the Musicality podcast, based in the UK. Christopher has created a website with a mission of giving anyone with the desire access to become more musical. The premise is that we all have these inherent skills, but just need permission to access them. The podcast supports that mission which so clearly aligns with who I am as a teacher and a person. Because of this, our chat was rich!

The truth of the matter is, it is always a flattering request when someone asks to do an interview. That being said, what I've really come enjoy about the interview process is that it allows me to work on clarifying my language and message. Each time I get to say it outloud, I hear myself improve upon my means of communication. It is really exciting and I am always grateful for the opportunity.

I hope you'll take a listen and give me feedback. Christopher and I talk about..
- My personal journey as a singer and teacher
- Why everyone can sing
- What that means functionally for the voice and why this is a challenge for teachers
- Why improvisation can be a useful tool in the process

Just click the image below to check it out!

Davin Youngs