A new kind of Open Mic - Feb 26

In 2018 we are rolling out a number of new initiatives to better serve our community and also create community. Our Open Mic events have always been a wonderful way to gain experience singing in front of others, while meeting others who are on a similar journey. In addition, we are committed to making these ego-free zones that are full of supportful cheers and affirmation. Singing is vulnerable, so why not get lots of love while you do it?

Historically, these events have been intentionally free as a service to our community. The drinks, the accompanist, the space... all given to you because we want to support your voice journey and  spread the love. Which got us thinking... is there a way to spread the love beyond these four walls? Sure, our voices carry and the vibrations create change but what if we could put some money where our mouth is and gave back.

Enter, Sing for Change, our new quarterly Open Mic events. Davin Youngs Voice will continue to donate the time, accompanist, space, and beverages, but we'd like to invite participants to help us spread some love, financially to others in need. Going forward, each Sing for Change gathering will have a $15-20 suggested donation, the total of which will go to a designated non-profit in need of our support. We hope anyone and everyone will come, regardless of their ability to contribute, but for those who are able, we will be excited to gather donations and send them off on behalf of our collective voice.

So, mark your calendars for February 26, 6:30 - 8:30pm at 410 South Michigan Ave, Studio 632B. Bring a song along with sheet music, a track or an instrument. We'll have the rest. We can't wait!

Davin YoungsComment