Introducing the Sliding Forward Scale aiding our FORWARD Fund

When Davin Youngs Voice began, I was intrigued by another voice studio's use of the ancient "pay what you can" model and as a results adopted a sliding scale for payment. I'm particularly drawn to the transparency it requires ands the open nature of conversation requires when we based our fees on flexibility reflecting client needs. Money has a way of clamming us up, but I figure if we can sing together we can certainly chat about a dollar or two. Even further, for me, the sliding scale is meant to tie into our commitment to diversity of singers. We are so blessed to work with humans of every color and creed ... not to mention profession. Students, emerging artists, lawyers, actors, massage therapists, doctors... you name it, we see it... and we love it!

That being said, I am aware as the range of our scale has increased we have not been able to accommodate as much diversity as we may have in the past. This is in some ways the nature of business, but not truly reflective of the community I desire to build. That is why I am so pleased to tell you about our new sliding forward scale which will serve our FORWARD Fund.


So, what exactly am I talking about? Well, the sliding forward scale is a pay-it-forward model that allows clients to contribute financially to our singing community.

It works like this: You choose a rate within your instructor’s sliding forward scale that best suits your budget. This may stay the same for each session, or vary accordingly. Any additional monies paid beyond the base of the sliding scale will go directly into the FORWARD fund, benefiting others, in need of and unable to afford private sessions.

In short, if you can easily afford private sessions right now, we encourage you to contribute to the FORWARD Fund. If you can't afford private sessions so easily right now--for whatever reason--we encourage you to benefit from the FORWARD Fund.

The FORWARD Fund offers periodic aid to individuals who seek services are unable to fund some or all of them. It is available to anyone who requests and is offered on a first come first serve basis. Preference is generally given singers recovering from injury, those experiencing a significant life change and emerging artists. We do not discriminate based on gender, race or sexual orientation. Due to its varying nature, the fund will vary in availability.

This is in direct line with our 2018 commitment to building better community and we are so grateful for your participation. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

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