Workshops with RHIANNON!

If you've attended Circle Singing, you may have heard me make mention to a great teacher, mentor and singer named Rhiannon. I met Rhiannon three years ago, while attending the Circle Songs workshop at the Omega Institute in Rhineback, NY. I was immediately taken by the presence of the woman. Her ability to improvise, teach and SING were breathtaking. Following Omega, I began a personal quest to do some study with her and have since worked her both in workshops in NY and CA as well as in private sessions. 

I knew if it were possible, bringing her to Chicago to teach would be essential. This is why I am so excited to offer just that... two great workshop experiences to learn and grow from and with a master teacher. I not-so-jokingly call Rhiannon the high priestess of improvised singing as her expertise and impact are unparalleled. I'll let you visit her website to learn more, but in the meantime...


2018.02.workshops chicago.jpg

I can't wait to see many of you there!


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