Payment & Cancellation

How much are sessions?

For 45 minute voice lessons and acting coachings with Missy and Kathyrn, we offer a sliding forward scale of :

Kathryn | $60 - $80
Missy | $70 - $90

Private Sessions with Davin are limited in availability and are $90 for 30 minutes and $150 for an hour.

What is the sliding forward scale?

We believe singers are a part of a sacred community of humans who share themselves with others through voice and music. With this in mind, we desire to give back and offer opportunities for those who may not typically have access and/or are experiencing a shift in their financial stability.

The sliding forward scale is a pay-it-forward model that allows clients to contribute financially to our community, specifically investing in our FORWARD fund.

It works like this: You choose a rate within your instructor’s sliding forward scale that best suits your budget. This may stay the same for each session, or vary accordingly. Any additional monies paid beyond the base of the sliding scale will go directly into the FORWARD fund, benefiting others, in need of and unable to afford private sessions.

In short, if you can easily afford private sessions right now, we encourage you to contribute to the FORWARD Fund. If you can't afford private sessions so easily right now--for whatever reason--we encourage you to benefit from the FORWARD Fund.

What is the FORWARD Fund?

Thanks to the generosity of our community, we are happy to offer periodic aid to individuals seeking our services that are not able to fund some or all of their private sessions. The fund is available to anyone who requests on a first come first serve basis, but preference is given to those who may pursuing recovery from vocal injury, experiencing significant life changes, and emerging artists. Availability is contingent upon the contributions of others and may vary significantly. In awarding aid, Davin Youngs Voice does not discriminate based on gender, race or sexual orientation.

***Please Note the FORWARD Fund is not currently available for private sessions with Davin Youngs.

FORWARD Fund Application

Name *
Choose instructor(s) with which you'd like to work.
How much of your session(s) are you able to fund?

Do you do hour long sessions?

Each week a limited number of hour-long sessions and coachings are available by special request for a flat fee of $140 with Davin, $100 with Missy and Kathryn. Based on availability, they may be booked last minute via phone or e-mail.

Lessons involving more than one person require full price payment.

We are happy to discuss different options and help explore what is best for you.

Because of high demand and limited availability, we take cancellation and rescheduling very seriously. 

First and foremost, this is out of respect for your fellow clients who desire to book sessions that are most convenient for their schedule.

By booking your session time, you are agreeing to the policy below.

- Lessons and coachings should be cancelled a minimum of 48-hours in advance.

- Services cancelled within 24-hours of the appointment must be paid in charged in full to the credit card used to book the appointment, or via PayPal.

NO EXCEPTIONS are made for this policy.  

Once you have booked your appointment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that links to an option to cancel or reschedule. Please use this to modify your appointment.

Please note, we are not able to accommodate tardiness. Sessions are often booked back to back and it is our intention to operate on time and respect yours. We do our best to be flexible, but are unable to extend late sessions and coachings longer than their appointed time.

Payment Options

Lessons and coachings may be paid at the time of your appointment, by credit, personal check or cash. 

A credit card is required to confirm your appointment.

Don’t worry! For private sessions WE DO NOT CHARGE YOUR CARD unless you tell us to or you do not provide 24 hours notice of cancellation. 

Workshops are PAID in FULL in advance and also subject to 24 hour notice of cancellation.