Davin Youngs


Hey, I’m Davin and I love to sing. For 15 years, I've been helping people like you do the same and I've learned that the voice can be a powerful tool for change. I have some gifted friends who help me out, so look around and get to know us. We hope we can get to know you better, too!

Sessions with Davin are $100 - $120

Often available in person or via Skype, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Missy Wise


Missy is the real deal: a working musician with a passion for her craft and sharing it with others. She is your go-to for Musical Theatre, but equally excited about working with anyone who just wants to sing!

Sessions with Missy are $70 - $90

Often available in person or via Skype, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.


Kathryn Bartholomew Fehr


Kathryn is one of Chicago's most gifted actors, producers and directors, but more importantly... she might be the nicest! This is why she's so skilled at giving great feedback and facilitating change with everyone she works with. That is, anyone who wants to improve their ability to more effectively tell stories.

Sessions with Katie are $60 - $80

Often available in person Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


Our studios are located in the historic Fine Arts Building at 410 South Michigan Avenue.





+ every voice matters.
+ everyone can become a better singer.
+ our clients are always doing their best.
+ our work is best accomplished slowly.
+ in the value of process.
+ in the power of community.
+ in honest and kind feedback.
+ in continued learning.
+ singing can be a tool for transformative change!