Davin Youngs | Voice Teacher and Guide

**Please note, Davin works with a limited number of clients on an individual appointment basis.

30 Minute Session: $90
One Hour Session: $150

Voice Lessons, Artistic Coaching and Healing Vocal Wounds/Intuitive Coaching, In person or via Skype or Zoom


Inside the Wind: Composed and performed by Davin Youngs

To Hold: Words and music Davin Youngs, performed by Davin Youngs with the musicians of Grace Chicago Church.


Davin is a singer, teacher and sound guide. You can learn more about his creative and healing work at davinyoungs.com

Davin has spent thousands of hours with individuals and groups helping them find elevated experiences with the voice. In addition to his work in the private studio, he hosts, Chicago Circle Singing, a monthly singing gathering. He is also founder and owner of VOXUS, a team building experience using improvised singing. He recently discussed his journey with the voice on The Robcast, hosted by New York Times best selling author, Rob Bell.

Davin is mentored by master teacher, Jeanie LoVetri and was a student of the late Richard Miller. He is a Somatic Voicework, The Lovetri Method Level III teacher and has studied improvisation with Rhiannon and Bobby McFerrin. He works closely with Otolaryngologist, Steve Sims MD and SLP Jan Potter Reed. He has also studied myofascial release for voice disorders with Walt Fritz, sound healing at the Sage Academy of Sound Energy in New York and is a Reiki Level II practitioner.

Davin has coached contestants on The Voice, lead corporate executives at Coca-Cola in singing, and produced vocals for prominent artists in the recording studio, but he believes these experiences only matter as much as they help elevate all humans toward more love and connection. He fundamentally believes in the ability of the voice to do this and aims to share it with all who are open to the message.

Why do you sing?

Singing is essential to who I am. Being a singer is what I identify first and foremost as in the world and what brings me the most joy and satisfaction. Singing is my spiritual practice, my job and my hobby and it has been the catalyst for significant growth and change in my life.

What kinds of clients most benefit from your work?

If someone is truly open to the power the voice has to create healing and transformation in their lives, we’ll be a good fit. I believe that it is inevitable that when we become better singers, we become more realized humans. I’ve seen it happen again and again and now I seek to work with individuals and groups who believe in the truth of that possibility. I will also be most useful to those who are experienced voice users and now find themselves lost. I’ve been there and I know what it means to be a guide back home.

What do you feel are your strengths as a teacher and coach?

l have thorough understanding of how the voice functionally works and what we can do to help your voice function more freely. From there, I understand application as it relates to integration and the whole person (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual.) I am able to intuitively help my clients use their voice to find comprehensive change in their lives.

Also, I'm very honest. I'm not afraid to offer my honest opinion with sincere kindness. :)

What excites you in music right now?

I'm currently drawn to indie/alternative R&B, electronic and experimental music. I'm a big James Blake fan as well as Moses Sumney, Solange and Frank Ocean. I love Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead, Bjork… the list goes on.