Private Sessions

Private voice sessions are an opportunity for clients to experiment, learn, and grow toward healthy, successful singing.

What are private voice sessions like?

Depending on whether you’re working with Missy or Davin, we have a variety of offerings for your desired outcome and needs.

Voice Lessons (Davin or Missy):

Our approach to technique is based in comprehensive knowledge of anatomy (a singer’s instrument) and the way the body works. We specialize in Contemporary Commercial Music and use functional training to help singers uncover their most natural sound, regardless of style. Pop, rock, musical theatre, gospel, jazz, classical… we’re game for all of it!

Private voice lessons follow a standard yet flexible format:

We begin with exercises to slowly get the voice and body “warmed up.” These exercises also help facilitate success in the voice and are key to measuring growth and finding dependable technique. Over time, students build a repertoire of vocal exercises that serve as a home base for keeping the voice on track and encouraging a pathway into long-term healthy singing.

After exercises, the remainder of the session is dedicated to achieving functional success in singing of songs. This is an opportunity to see what sounds the exercises yield and what additional adjustments the singer should make. Further, we will coach on artistic choices that can enhance performance. Songs can be new or previously studied. Clients are encouraged to explore a diverse array of music, as flexibility is key for the voice and good artistry.

Artistic Coaching and Guidance (Davin or Missy):

Most artists are aware how difficult it can be to carve your own artistic path, while getting honest feedback on where you are in the journey. We know this journey from personal experience and are happy to offer you guidance along the way. Whether you would like to improve your ability to audition, record, or be and artistic presence in the world, we would be happy to offer you feedback based on personal experience and having worked with thousands of clients. Our goal in this process would be to help you find your most authentic and efficient path to artistic happiness and success.

Rep Work and Musical Theatre Book Review (Missy):

As a musical theatre professional, Missy Wise knows through first hand experience how to choose songs that best accentuate your current skill set and offer a glimpse into what else is possible. Now more than ever, artists are asked to present a diverse book that represents their unique voice and rich skillset. If you’re showing up to auditions with the wrong rep, it can be a deal breaker. Missy can help you cull your book of songs that aren’t serving you and offer you rep ideas that will propel you to the next level.

Healing Vocal Wounds and Intuitive Guidance (Davin):

It is not uncommon for a singer in a private session to say “I didn’t know this was going to be therapy!” But for those of us who have worked extensively with our voices, we know that the voice has an uncanny way of mirroring the joys and challenges in our lives. Now let’s be clear… this isn’t therapy! But, this work can be an incredible supplement in your life’s journey of healing and growth.

If you find yourself stuck on a physical or energetic level, Davin will expertly use the voice to guide you down a mindful path toward more freedom and authenticity of expression. This can be an incredible tool for anyone looking to awaken that which feels asleep, but especially useful for those who have vocal wounds, or trauma around the voice.


Do you do private sessions via ZOOM or Skype?

Yes, and we love it!

We know that time and location make it challenging to schedule regular lessons, coachings and workshops. That’s exactly why we want to be available to come to you, wherever you are. We have experience with artists and singers on the road, classes of students in other states and working professionals who have a limited window of time in the office or at home. In these cases, Zoom (preferred) or Skype is a great option! We guarantee sessions that feel useful and fulfilling, just like being in our studio.

When considering this option, it is important that you have a sufficient microphone, camera and speakers. We are happy to do a brief test with you to see if your setup will work.

Skype services may be scheduled the same as in-person. How often should we meet?

How often should we meet?

This is completely up to you. Singers choose a frequency that works with their availability and desire to progress. If you just want one session or want to come weekly, both are cool. Clients who attend sessions and practice regularly will experience quick growth while others will find that simply having a dedicated place to sing will be useful, increasing range and ability. Regardless of frequency, consistency is key.

I’m having vocal problems. Should I come in for a session?

Yes! We are happy to assess your voice and see if we can help. Many singing problems can be sorted out in voice lessons, while more serious problems may require medical intervention. We have relationships with Otolaryngologists (throat doctors) in the area as well as Speech Language Pathologists and are happy to help you figure out what’s up and refer you accordingly. 

Do you work with singers who have voice disorders and pathologies? (nodules, polyps etc.)

If you have been diagnosed with a voice disorder or pathology, please consider study with Davin. Davin will gladly work in collaboration with your Dr. and/or Speech Language Pathologist to help your move toward happier, healthier singing.

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